i can feel you in my hair still

by kississippi

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released August 8, 2014



all rights reserved


kississippi Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: florets
i am pulling and tugging, i can feel you in my hair still
Track Name: dogmas
you were swallowing god damning dogmas
rough palmistry your hands could not align
unsexed you borrowed callow spit, not lost
no, looking for a space, just not mine

redolent with skin of unknown
unwary hands, nomadic ghost
levied words from my spiteful throat
understanding where my thoughts go
you’d build a boat out of my bones

i thought i’d reclaim you for the ocean
but i could not cradle you with dirty hands
no star death casketed in palms like these
white knuckles cracking, playing simple maths

we were squealing
dogs with bad dreams
eyes that smile, gaze so dimly
isolated, nursing skinned knees
i’m weaker than i thought i’d be
Track Name: foreign movies (ft. jon perry davis/i forgot to love my father)
desk drawer compartments become a small apocalypse // been trying for a week to paint the texture of the surface of your skin on paper. // well, you watch foreign movies, try to process every line without reading subtitles what a way to live your life. // feeding function to the hot belly of summer // can only fathom how your voice would echo through the water singing in the shower. // i know that you will leave me // but only once this time // just trying to clean the sleep out from underneath your eyes.
Track Name: sleepy spine
the way your tongue rubs your teeth when you speak // wavelengths radiate in yr stomach on me // they poke and prod my spine at night like the crushing mass of confessionals. // penniless, i’m unlearning, expunging // thoughts of how yr chest felt oscillating // beating intervals on my temple // your vessel of heartstrings, electric like telephone wires. // do you feel chemical rain in midwestern states // could you hear the city dissipate nearly empty?